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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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The Real Dangers of Contacts

Although contact lenses do have many benefits, they pose may potential dangers. One of the greatest threats they pose is a rise of an eye infection known as, Fesarium keratitis, a disease related to contact cleaning products. This particular disease is known to cause blindness, scar tissue formation and may eventual lead to a need for a cornea transplant.

Another risk of wearing contacts is you teach your body to ignore your corneal reflexes. This happens because contacts put pressure on the eyes just as something would if it is about to hit your eye. The corneal reflex sends messages to the brain to close your eyes in order to protect them. By wearing contacts, it's as though a false alarm is being sent to your brain and your body may learn to stop reacting to the pressure.

Contacts that are used strictly to change color also have many dangers such as causing permanent eye injury and even blindness. Wearing these contacts can lead to many infections such as conjunctivitis, corneal edema and corneal ulcers. All of these things have the potential to lead to blindness or loss of eyes. One of the things that are crucial to wearing contact lenses are they way they fit over the eyes. If they are not fitted properly, it can lead to corneal abrasions. Since color changing contacts are very easy to get without a prescription, they also may cause allergic reactions. Color contacts pose all of these dangers as well as the ones of regular contacts.

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