NewColorIris is an intraocular implant that improves the ocular appearance of patients with partial coloboma (congenital defects of the iris), traumatic irides, ocular albinism, iris heterochromia and to consumers that without any ocular pathology wish to change the color of their eyes with a natural appearance and without the limitations, risks and annoyances of contact lenses.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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What Exactly Determines Eye Color

Eye color is determined by genes that are inherited. Two major genes determine the color, and minor ones can determine variation. Actual eye color is made from a pigment called melanin. The amount of melanin varies between the color of the eye. For example, blue eyes have no melanin and brown eyes have a lot. When children are first born, they usually have blue eyes. Light then stimulates they eye to make melanin and color is usually determined by the time a person is three.

In cases where a person is suffering from albinism, they eye lacks any pigment at all. Many people believe that albinism results in red eyes, but this is not true. There is actually no pigment at all and the iris because a very pale blue.

Some animals that are albino do have red eyes because of retinal blood vessels showing through where there is not enough pigment. Since the human eye is so large, usually enough pigment is produced. However, this can vary and there may be a slight red or purple appearance of the iris. However, the iris does function normally.

Since people with albinism do not have pigment in their eyes, it can be difficult for them to have exposure to the sun. Just as eye colors like blue and brown are determined by genetics, people having very little or no pigment at all are developed in the same way. The copy of the gene they inherit is altered and does not work correctly. This alteration prevents the body from making the normal amounts of pigment.

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