NewColorIris is an intraocular implant that improves the ocular appearance of patients with partial coloboma (congenital defects of the iris), traumatic irides, ocular albinism, iris heterochromia and to consumers that without any ocular pathology wish to change the color of their eyes with a natural appearance and without the limitations, risks and annoyances of contact lenses.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Benefits of Artificial Iris Implants

Although many illness relating to the eyes happen so infrequently, it is still important to have such tools like artificial iris implants simply because of the life changing effects they can have on the patients. Those who need the implants cannot go outside without feeling discomfort from the sun.

The implants make it a lot easier for these people to live their every day lives in comfort. These artificial iris implants can reduce the glare of the sun as well as correcting Aphakia, a condition that leads to the loss of the eye's natural lens.

One of the best things about the implant is, it helps the patients look normal, give color to the eye and provide a normal sized pupil. However, this is not available everywhere in the world. Each implant is specially made and is unique for the patient that is in need of it. The implant is well tolerated, thin and uses flaps instead of haptics. By using the flaps to stay in place, the implants use a lot less pressure in the area in which they are placed.

The artificial iris implant can be used by a variety of people with different problems whether it be Aphakia, Aniridia or colobomas. The implant can even be used by those who want to change the color of their eyes strictly for cosmetic reasons.

Mainly, the implant is used for patients with oculocutaneous albinism and have no pigment in their eyes. Since the implant is so thin and made from ophthalmic-grade silicone, it poses little threat for complications and look more natural than contacts.

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